46 % off most ingame packages [weekend sale]
Unturned Survival
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This is not an automatic transaction

Please send Discord user:

Evil Bason Taylor #0587

Both your paypal transaction id 

And Steam 64 id found here


then it can take a day or so to show up in game or if you are not affraid post it in the forums

This gives you access to kit's


Comes with

        <Item id="282" amount="4" />

        <Item id="49" amount="2" />

        <Item id="64" amount="40" />

        <Item id="69" amount="40" />

        <Item id="67" amount="40" />


Comes with

        <Item id="1168" amount="2" />

        <Item id="97" amount="1" />

        <Item id="357" amount="2" />

        <Item id="253" amount="1" />

        <Item id="15" amount="1" />

        <Item id="27" amount="1" />

        <Item id="183" amount="1" />

        <Item id="209" amount="1" />

These are on timers so it is on a 30 min cool down!!!

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