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Admin Application
Real Name (Optional) : Trent

RP Name :8th RT SSGT Arthur Wolf

Discord Name & Number (Example: Brent McOlowski#2996 ) :Chaotic_Rift #1349

Steam ID Or Link To Steam Profile! ( This is required and if not added will be denied application!) STEAM_1:0:146458367

Age : 19

What server are you applying for? : Walking Dead

Past Experiences : Darkrp Experience:Server manager/Co-owner/Owner/Head Admin][Trouble terrorist town Experience: Senior Mod][ Starwars/Clonewars rp: Owner/Server Manager/Head of staff][Kingdomrp Experience: Moderator/T-Admin] These were the last ranks i had on multiple servers over the years of playing gmod.

Why should we hire you? : Becuase I take the Server seriously and would be one of the most mature staff that is on daily. I also would like to become staff because I really love the server and wish to not see the evil minges ruin it when no staff are on but I am.

Past issues with admins on our server? : Non that havent been resovled through many talks/debates.

Issues that came to you while applying? A.K.A what should we fix? :N/A
This app has been ACCEPTED
Contact me for interview: Killerdog 203#4365

~Killerdog203 (TWD HOS)

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