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What is the difference between large military and civilian airplanes?

I was just reading about large planes on Wikipedia, and was wondering why military and civilian planes are almost always different designs. For example, the Boeing 747 was built after Boeing lost a military bid to the Lockheed C-5 Galaxy. PanAm convinced Boeing to modify the design as a commercial airliner, but the effort almost bankrupted Boeing.
But the C-5 is even bigger than the 747. Why didn't Lockheed stick some seats in there and make whatever changes necessary, and market the C-5 as a civilian aircraft.
Same goes with the Antonov An-225. Why doesn't Antonov market the An-225 as a giant passenger aircraft - surely they could hugely undercut Airbus and it's multi billion dollar investment in the brand new A-380?
I guess there's a reason, but was wondering what it was. Basically, why is there almost no crossover between very large military aircraft and similar looking very large passenger and cargo aircraft?

Any help will be apprecited.

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