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What are Squads, Platoons, and Battalions?
A squad is the smallest form of an organized military group the Osklain Military has. It consests of five soldiers, of varying specialties, and is lead by one sergeant. Squads are generally formed at the end of basic training, and are also generally composed of the same trainees that trained together.

A Platoon is the next highest form of an organized military group. A platoon is formed when 2 squads are merged into one, when a larger force is needed to attack or defend against an enemy. Platoons thus contain a total of ten men, plus one officer, ranging from a variety of specialties, and each squads, squad leader.

A Battalion is the highest form of an organized military group. A battalion consests of two platoons, which in total is formed with , 16 men, 4 squad leaders, 2 officers , and one general or High ranking officer such as a Colonel Lieutenant Colonel, or a Major.
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