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UMC Stragetize
UMC Tactics & Strategy
By: Palca/Caboose

Defense Sequences:
All these suggestions are Optional
SQ Riflemen: Riflemen block off any shortcuts of getting in the base, guarding the Main Gate, assist in higher grounds of the base to defend.
SQ Squad Machine gunner: Machine Gunner block off any shortcuts of getting in the base, assist in defending with riflemen, guard main gate, defending higher grounds.
SQ Medical Corpsman: Aid within the Riflemen and the Machine gunners, Provide healing support to marksman defending the base, fend off enemies at the front gate.
SQ Marksman: Marksman find higher ground to fend off invaders, hide in the shadows to locate the raider(s), Cover main gate, Support to people who counters the raid.
Raiding Sequences
SQ Riflemen: Riflemen stay behind SQ Squad Machine Gunners to provide support, Flanking on either sides, Provide covering fire for Medical Corpsmen.
SQ Squad Machine Gunner: Lead the fight and provide covering support within the Riflemen and Corpsmen, providing heavy firing for squads or other SQ Soldiers.
SQ Medical Corpsman: Stay with squads or marksmen to provide healing support, stay with SQ Machine Gunners to provide support, aid with other riflemen.
SQ Marksman: Find higher or lower ground whatever suits you to provide support, Take out any heavy infantry that's strong to eliminate a squad.
There is one thing I have learned playing on the walking dead... Telling marksmen to "Do whatever suits you" ends with a short raid... 90% of the time it does not go in your favor.

{Former Director}

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