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Walking dead is dieing
I believe walking dead is dying and losing users each day, I believe this is due to lack of content and things to do on the server, I have seen many people complain about this. It is my understanding that there is only one guy developing and maintaining 3 servers which shocks me as a single server is handful. I contacted the guy and explained this as well as my background in programming and server owner. After not receiving a response from the owner I bought and developed a server which is why you can now see 2 servers under the walking dead rp game mode. The Ideas mentioned in the message have also been implemented.
[Image: grBZX58.png]

I also believe the server is being hosted on a cheap pay per slot host based on the information I got from an ip lookup
[Image: LpFcMKh.png]
This is why walking dead lags and why cars and aircraft had to be removed, the ntf server is sharing hardware with other peoples servers. If the server ran on a dedicated host like mine the lag would be reduced and cars could be reintroduced.
Ex Walking DeadRP-Admin Heart
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lmfao, agreed spacey, agreed af
Season 1 was great. Season 2 was boring. Season 3 was great. Season 4 better. Season 5 was interesting. Season 6 less interesting. Season 7 was just cartoonish. The show is getting worse and worse.

Having said that it develops a number of poignant and meaningful psychological and philosophical viewpoints that analyse the way humans interact.

It still suffers from certain horror tropes. From the issue with black characters dying as soon as others are introduced, to how they tease the deaths of main characters only to kill them off meaninglessly after their miraculous escape a couple of episodes or a season ago.

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