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Current rules of ARWRP (may change over time)
1. Do Not RDM, RDM in Spawn is bannable
2. Minutemen are not allowed to leave the settlement unless given or have a reason, such as during war.
3. Always follow your Commanding officers not doing so will be considered Minge/Failrp 
4. Staff has the final say in sits.
5. Admin on duty you must be cloaked do !cloak to cloak your self and !uncloak to uncloak.
6. When building a base,camp or in your home be realistic. 
7. Militia is not an official military they are basically like police that can come and go
8. Hacking will lead to a perma ban
9. Exploiting and Loopingholing rules will lead to a ban
10. FearRp is active in someways if you run out of ammo or cant reload in time you can run up and punch but in roleplay it can lead to demotion or removal.
11. Do not advertise other servers or communities 
12. Be respecful to other players and staff
13. To contact Staff type @ and your reason
14. Do not use your guns while underwater, melee is fine
15. NLR Time is 2 minutes and NLR is Off During War
16. Spamming of any kind is considered minge
17. 25 warns will lead to a 1 day ban 50 warns will lead to a 3 day ban 75 warns will lead to a week ban 100 warns will lead to a 3-5 week ban
18. Whoever controls Settlement Kate, the Minutemen must Help during war
19. You can choose to side with one of the factions but you must advert which side you're loyal to
20. Citizens jobs such as Hunter,Townsperson,Gunsmith do not have any authority hunters can be hired to guard a house but they have no authority over anyone.
21. Do not make your own faction and declare Freestate unless you have donated to have your own custom faction in game
22. No propclimbing such placing a couch or desk to get over a wall.
22. Don't not spawn in the enemies base unless you have it captured.
23. Doing /job and changing your job name is considered minge/failrp.
24. You can be loyal to a side this does not mean you can kos your foe's side either become a recruit,minutemen or hessians
25. Each Faction can only capture and attack each other during wartime otherwise it will be considered RDM/Failrp

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