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Vassli Kamaroff app
Role Play Name: Vassli Kamaroff

Discord Name: Castiel#6545


Do you have any experience with any Medical or Fire and Rescue experience in the Past: I used to be the chief EMS when I was Melrose.

Why do you want to join the Osklain Fire & Rescue: I want to help people  live long lives
I [Vassli Kamaroff] Agree to follow all the Procedures of the Osklain Fire & Rescue. Faiture to do so will result in my immediate termination from the Osklain Fire & Rescue.
Please Give me more info why you want to be not just I want to save Lives 
Apply in 2-3 Days If you don't Follow this you will be Insta Denied
Thank You
Kind Regards,

Osklain Fire & Rescue,
Dipper Lake.

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