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Ban Appeal (JOHN H.)
Discord name & number (Example Brent McOlowski#2996 ) : John Howitzer#0068

Steam ID or link to profile (Required or appeal will be instantly denied)

Server you are appealing for? : [US-1]|gang wars|active staff|drugs

Estimated date ban was issued : Around 12 I think

Reason for ban (Reason it states on ban screen) : NITRP and I just smoked in your face Smile

Explain the ban in your words (Use detail or you will be denied) : I was FearRping when this one person was mugging me and another person so I pulled a Shotgun out and crouched then shot him the admin was watching and said I Fearrped

Ban length : 1 day

Who issued ban (If known) : Rocky Ridgeway

1D016 John Howitzer/Joshua Parker
Thread closed. No further action needed.
Police RP Director 

~Jeff Hudson

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