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Simon Cox's Staff Application
Real Name: Simon Cox

RP Name: Simon Cox

Discord Name & Number: Allitium#8855

Steam ID Or Link To Steam Profile: STEAM_0:0:166972218

Age: 26

Past Experiences : [Venomous Gaming]: Tmod - Mod - Owner - Co-Owner - Community Manager. [Garnet Gaming]: Head Admin, Co-Owner. [Hostile Gaming] Mod - Admin - Head-Admin - Manager.

Why should we hire you? : I'm an EMT and a registered Nurse with Alberta Health Services. I am in college for Military Tactics and Sociology. Overall I am qualified for the role of admin, more than most. I am on the server late nights when other admins aren`t. I would like the server to be populated with people who want to play at night but can`t because nobody is online with them. So that`s my secondary goal as admin, my primary goal is to make the server more enjoyable for all players.

Promotions will be held every week on Saturday is that okay for you? it's okay if not: Yes

Past issues with admins on our server?: Stupidity, but they were all removed. Which is one thing I like about the server: bad admins can't really get away with being bad because of good communication.

Issues that came to you while applying? A.K.A what should we fix?: No issues came to me while I was applying.
+1 He's an awesome player. well know on the server .
Application on hold. I need you to be more active on the server. I have yet to see you on the server. Also you used the wrong template.
Police RP Director 

~Jeff Hudson


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