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Ash and alex stefen
Post Any Admins You Have In Question Here. For Example ( Abusing Their Powers ) Such As 
Nocliping For No reason, Phys Gunning For No Reason, Warning/Banning With out explanation, Teleportation for no reason, Cloaking ETC.

Their In-Game Name & Steam ID: jaxon and ash 

What Date and Time did this happen?10/06/18

What Server Did This Happen On? prp

Evidence {Required} 
check logs please fasley jailed with no proof of me doing anything

Do you have any additional information? 
ok so jaxon aka alex stefen pulled me to a sit because i FEARRPED so when we got to the sit i asked does he have any eveidance. no one had eveidance of anything. so next thing i know it IM GETTING JAILED FOR 240 SEC FOR FEARRP
Seems like a bad admin. With no evidence, I doubt anything will be done
 ~ Brady Ganderson

Retired Director of TWD

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