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Vich Vizier
Their In-Game Name & Steam ID: The administator Vich Vizier, I just came here to report him.

What Date and Time did this happen?
Continuisly throughout the day of the 13/09/18

What Server Did This Happen On?
A discord server

Evidence {Required}
[Image: 98377812831d4d2cf898bf30f1e79560.png] (He plays this a lot, oddly.)
[Image: 5ffd7c5d173ca9008f914983d2b2ef17.png]
[Image: 7487bb2f57810184090dbc4be232dc3b.png]
[Image: ef421c8dfde3de6b2bc9874fb4b19e85.png]
[Image: 162a4e27cb65019eda8103bc0fcfaa3d.png]
[Image: 60cacfcedef3074f08a42e0d568fc189.png]
[Image: 12ceeb8d2783a1a101eda2ebc1b0b52c.png]
[Image: 18eb08a940cfd762c6ab93e5032ab246.png]

Do you have any additional information?
He's gone through about 84 pages, 90% of which was just him saying the N word and other racial and sexual insults. He has also expressed his disbelief in the holocaust being real.

The guy just seems like an edgy 12 year old meme lord and I don't really think he's someone you guys want on your staff team, especially considering the second image was in regards to this server itself.

Thank you.
Considering he is an Owner (Vich), I can't do much about it. It is also strange that I have been told from (Speedy) that he did it and it was "hilarious". So that being said, nice false report.
 - Current Event Manager and Admin of PRP
Well considering he went under the false name then yeh you can see my mistake, however he's still a bit of a retard as this has still led me to him, you know it's speedy now. If you want to take action then go ahead, I'd strongly advise it, because, as you can see.

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