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captain raccoon fire form

What’s your RP Name?: Captain Raccoon

Discord name? (If you have Discord):

What is your Steam name?:
Captain Raccoon!!

What is your Steam ID?:

Would you consider yourself mature?: Yes or No
Answer: yes

Do you own a functioning microphone?: Yes or No
Answer: yes 

Can you type quickly?: Yes or No
Answer: no but if needed i can set key binds

First Video
What is one thing you learned from the first video?:
the how to use the equipment needed to be a emt
and how to get a patient illness treated
Second Video
What is one thing you learned from the second video?
how to check your person in the steps needed to get her to the hospital but when not at the hospital she or he needs to help he or she with the equipment on deck

Third Video
What is one thing you learned from the Third video?
how to detect a seen for clues to see what happen to the body or suspect of what happen 

(the three videos questions were hard for me so i really tried hard)
Can you work fast and efficiently? Yes or No
Answer: yes

Can you drive fast without crashing? Yes or No
Answer: yes

Do you have any prior medical experience? Yes or No
Answer: some what

Why do you want to be a EMT?
well i want to be a fire fighter but i like the job my dad is a fire fighter and it is something easy to do for me

If a higher-up calls you to the hospital what do you do?
  1. Can't hear, because your radio's turned off.
  2. Say "10-4" and go to the hospital.
  3. None of the above
Answer: 2

Can you drive properly? (Obeying traffic laws, etc.) Yes or No or Maybe
Answer: yes 

Have you been previously employed with the EMT dept. and were fired? Yes or No or Maybe
Answer: yes and i was fired for not being on the sever at all for a year because i was busy

Do you possess a criminal record? Yes or No or Maybe
Answer: no

You arrive on a scene. A police officer and a civilian have been shot. Who do you assist first?

  1. Help the officer first then the Civilian]
  2. Help the civilian then the officer
  3. Assess both and then help the one that has less of a chance to survive
Answer: 3

You arrive on a scene to a shots fired call. An officer called you there. You see the police car but don't see the officer. What do you do?

  1. Go in and look for people
  2. Wait for back up
Answer: 2

You arrive on a unknown medical callout, you see a man doing CPR. What do you do?

{Long Text Answer}

tell him to step back.then check his pulse and then do cpr and if needed shock him that thing i don't know the name of.

if you are not getting any where after 30 mins then he is dead

You have stabilized a patient and is ready for transport. What do you do next? 

{Long Text Answer}

transport him to the hospital or call emt transport when at hospital give that person to the doctor.

(i kinda had problems with this one)

If you are not active for 4 weeks straight you will be fired no questions asked this is a job given to you.

Terms and Conditions

If you get more then 3 complaints you will receive a Strike, Do you understand? Yes or No


If you get more then 4 strikes you will be demoted to lower rank, Do you understand? Yes or No


If you get more then 8 strikes you will be fired do you understand? Yes or No


If you abuse the job you will receive a strike, Do you understand? Yes or No


Do you understand that if you don't fill out the forms or clock in/out you will either be demoted to a lower rank or fired? Yes or No/yes

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