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Police Officer Applaction
Roleplay Name Of Officer:  Cody Thomas

Steam ID: 

Discord Name: CodyThomas#3811
Age: 14

Why do you want to join the PCPD?   I want to join the PCPD because I am a determined, well working officer, I hate when people break laws, and willing to risk my life for PCPD and the Pine City Population. I want to be competitively compensated. I desire to make an impact in your community. I seek a job that will make me proud.

How can you benefit the PCPD? I can Benefit the PCPD by being active, adding to their work force, and being a well rounded officer. I am willing to take risks for other officers, Especally supervisors. I have been an Officer with the PCPD before, and  I know most protocol and 10-Codes. I can deal with Bank Robberies really well. I am a good shot with the mossberg ; I took out to individuals with 2 shots instantly. I am really good at traffic stops.

Are you registered for the CAD?  Yes (cant br dispatcher)

Have you ever been arrested by an LEO? no

Have you ever been blacklisted by any Officer, Trooper, or Deputy? no

Do you realize that training may take up to 2 hours depending on certain variables that change throughout each training? yes

Do you accept that not following the SOP under normal circumstances will result in punishment against yourself? yes
-1 you were arrested last night for the murder of an LEO
-1 Bruh, y u coppy mine
Application denied! You simply copied someones application.
Police RP Director 

~Jeff Hudson


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