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Whitelist App
RP Name : Clint Burns

Discord Name & Number (Example: Brent McOlowski#2996 ) : alabamafirefighter22#1113

Steam ID Or Link To Steam Profile! ( This is required and if not added will be denied application!) :

What department are you applying for? (PD, Medical, Fire, Civilian) : Fire/EMS

Age : 20

Do you have a mic? : yes

Experience with RP servers? : Ive been playing Walking Dead RP for a long time now and im good at RPing as Rick Grimes

How are you able to apply yourself to the RP : I think of it as real life and do what I need to in order to roleplay seriously

Are you currently a user/staff with our current servers? : im with policeRP if that's what youre saying

Why should we white-list you for our server? : Because I a m a serious roleplayer and I would love to contribute more to the server.

Please write a small paragraph explaining your character (Must answer this question in character!) : 
  Clint Burns was born into a life of excitement. Clint grew up learning all about firefighting and EMS from his father. He loved it so much he joined up to serve his country as a combat medic. After serving an amazing 4 years of duty with the United States Army, 22 year old Clint Burns moved back to his hometown of Pines City and returned to a good life as a civilian. After he spent some time relaxing, he learned about the new higher ups in the Pines City Fire Department and Pines City EMS needing new people. So, him being a combat medic veteran, he went to the hospital, and found an old buddy who worked in EMS, and asked him about applying. After waiting for a very long time when he sent in his application, he was finally able to become and EMT in his hometown.
This is no longer used, it was for a previous server

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