Poll: Has anyone else had unfair treatment with admins?
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Don't Play this server
So first off the admins are extremely poor and unfair. I joined their police rp server and was constantly rdm'd near spawn, bought a car and was destroyed by police multiple times. But were the cops who kept destroying my car punished? No they weren't. And btw my car was destroyed in spawn. And when i tried to pick my car up and drag it to the repair shop some people got nudged by it accidentally, didn't die or anything and was a complete accident and even told them i was sorry and had no problem with the players, but then a admin picked me up while i was trying to repair my car for a 3rd time and then a 2nd admin came and grabbed me even tho the first said he was done with me and said that he wasnt done with me. And his reasoning was that my name was stupid and that he wouldnt let me leave bc he was gonna change it so that i wouldn't "look stupid on their server". Honestly the worst fucking server i've played on. The admins are complete and utter trash and need to shut the server down because they are clearly not able to run one properly and fairly. Way too much rdm allowed in these servers. My friends left the server and i made the admins ban me because i have no desire to ever play on this server again because of how shit the admins are. Avoid this trash can.
You can report abusive admins right here on the forums, I understand your anger and I feel it too if one of our staff members are not doing their job correctly or abusing it. Although I cannot do much without a staff report.

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