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EMS Paramedic Application
My email is:

My Rp name is Roy Johnsen.

My discord name is: 
Roy Johnsen

My steam name is hallaballa2411

I couldnt find my id because i have some trouble so i will give you the link to my profile:

Yes i would consider myself mature because i can think like an adult, i can take care of myself and others, and last but not least im a Nice guy, and i love to help others.

Yes i have a currently working microphone, i have a blue snowball ice white version.

[Image: 3242031_sa.jpg;canvasHeight=500;canvasWidth=500]

Yeah i can type quickly overall, if it needs to be quick i will be quick, but that obviously depends on the situation im in.

From the first video i learned how to check pulse, and also different techniques on how to move forward with a patient.

From the second video i learned how to again move forward with a patient, and also how to check breathing problems, i also know from before that most breathing problems are most likely chronic or long term. I also learned how to deal with an unconscious person.

From the third video i learned that i needed to determine the scenes safety, and from there question any bystanders about the event, and after that check the patient`s responsiveness.
And from there i can start a check on the patient, if the patient is breathing normal and have a good pulse and ofcourse isn`t gasping for air, i can start with Chest compressions, And then request additional EMS Response.

I can indeed work fast and efficiently, it depends on how much work that needs to be done, and how the patient is responding.

Yes i can drive fast without crashing, but i do expect that the fellow citizens move out of the way if the sirens is on.

No i do not have any prior medical experience in real life sorry.

I want to be an EMT to help our city to be safe for everyone at any time and anywhere. I love to help other people, and i will always be there for our citizens, cops and everyone else.

 Say "10-4" and go to the hospital. Because my radio should never be turned off.

I can indeed drive properly, i do follow all traffic laws.

Yes i have been employed with the EMT dept. but i did not get a application. someone named Bob jackson gave me the job. 

I do not possess a criminal record. i am following every rule.

Situational Training
You arrive on a scene. A police officer and a civilian have been shot. Who do you assist first?
  1. Help the officer first then the Civilian]
  2. Help the civilian then the officer
  3. Assess both and then help the one that has less of a chance to survive

i would have chosen 3.Assess both and then help the one that has less of a chance to survive. Then its higher chances for both of the patients to survive.

You arrive on a scene to a shots fired call. An officer called you there. You see the police car but don't see the officer. What do you do?
  1. Go in and look for people
  2. Wait for back up

I would have chosen 2. Wait for backup, because then its less chance for me finding a criminal that could kill me.

You arrive on a unknown medical callout, you see a man doing CPR. What do you do?
{Long Text Answer} If i would have arrived on a unknown medical callout, and then seen a guy doing CPR i would have walked over to him and asked about the patiences name and address. after that i would have checked the patient`s pulse, if the patient is breathing normal, and after that looked for blood on the Patient. If everything looked good i would immediately take the patient to the Hospital. and from there handed him over to a Doctor/ Nurse, and then tell them about what i discovered with the patient, about the patient`s name, and address. And from there let the Doctor/Nurse do their job.

You have stabilized a patient and is ready for transport. What do you do next? 
{Long Text Answer} When i finally stabilized the patient, i i would first look for any damage to the spine and or other bodyparts, then after that i would put the patient on the board, And from there Lift the patient into the ambulance.

Terms and Conditions

If you get more then 3 complaints you will receive a Strike, Do you understand? Yes or No

Yes i fully understand that if i get more than 3 complaints i will receive a strike.

If you get more then 4 strikes you will be demoted to lower rank, Do you understand? Yes or No

Yes i fully understand that if i get more than 4 strikes i will be demoted to a lower rank.

If you get more then 8 strikes you will be fired do you understand? Yes or No

I fully understand that if i get more than 8 strikes i will immediately be fired.

If you abuse the job you will receive a strike, Do you understand? Yes or No

I am completely aware that if I abuse my Rank then I will get a Strike.

Do you understand that if you don't fill out the forms or clock in/out you will either be demoted to a lower rank or fired? Yes or No

yes i fully understand that if i don`t fill out the forms or clock in/out i will either be demoted to a lower rank or fired.
Let me clarify his spelling.
Contact an R4 or Higher,
I.E Mark Jason, N.G.S, or Porter Fraiser
On discord for your interview.
Former EMS Chief
EMS Application Reviewer
Veteran Player [5 Years]
Daniel O.

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