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Jay's Admin Application :D
RP Name : Jay Marshmello & Jay Marshmello JR

Discord Name & Number (Example: Brent McOlowski#2996 ) :Jjinxx#6932

Steam ID Or Link To Steam Profile! ( This is required and if not added will be denied application!) :

Age : 13

What server are you applying for? : Nation Task Force PoliceRP

Past Experiences :

Why should we hire you? : i feel as if i will be a big help when it comes to people breaking the rules of roleplay

Past issues with admins on our server? :
Jailed for rdm (because i forgot to advert)
Issues that came to you while applying? A.K.A what should we fix? : Nothing I feel that the server is perfectly fine!
Application denied! Need more detail as well as I have never seen you on the sever. Improve activity and make another application in 2 weeks and I will consider accepting.
Police RP Director 

~Jeff Hudson


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