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Potatos Ban Appeal
Discord name & number (Example Brent McOlowski#2996 ) :MagicPotato#2762

Steam ID or link to profile (Required or appeal will be instantly denied)

Server you are appealing for? : TWD

Estimated date ban was issued :8/8/18

Reason for ban (Reason it states on ban screen) : Mass Launching Of The Nuke And Exploiting A Glitch

Explain the ban in your words (Use detail or you will be denied) : it was me and one other who were banned but we did not launch the nuke once it was another person by the name of Snip3r. We technically exploited a glitch but it was everyone who was on the server at the time we all were just having fun we didn't use it for raiding or anything important other than fun and also the person who banned us has a grudge against us and I believe he tried to get some personal gain out of this and deserves to be removed from his position.

Ban length : 1 week

Who issued ban (If known) : james watterson (admin Manager)
Denied for the reason of exploiting glitches on the server.

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