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Starry's Staff App
Real Name (Optional) : Jacob

RP Name : Starry

Discord Name & Number : Starry#4101

Steam ID Or Link To Steam Profile!  : STEAM_0:1:4495829

Age : 21

What server are you applying for? : TWD (The Walking Dead RP)

Past Experiences :

I've been staff numerous times on other servers, mostly all being roleplay oriented. A few were on Half Life 2 Serious RP servers (Clockwork), and others were on Dark RP and Sandbox servers. I've also staffed for entirely different games. I've been staff off and on for roughly four years. The positions I've held go all the way from Moderator to Co-Owner. Moderator and Admin being the majority of the positions. I have vast experience using ULX, Xban, and Blogs.

Why should we hire you? :

I was staff a few months ago on The Walking Dead RP server and have extensive experience with rules and believe I could bring maturity and efficiency to the staff team. I've often been on when there are no staff and I've seen that it can get a little chaotic. In order to deal with the chaos, I'm willing to adjust my schedule to go on the server in the earlier/later hours. I feel confident in saying that due to my past experiences, I have experience with social interaction and can bring stability to a situation rather than make it worse. I also desire to make the experience better for new players that happen to join the server.

Past issues with admins on our server? : No, I don't have any issues that need to be addressed.

Issues that came to you while applying? A.K.A what should we fix? : No.
Accepted See staff AM for Interview
{Retired TWD-Director}

Denied, Due to recent Ban.
- Vich Vizier Community Director of NTF

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