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Will Robbie's Ban Appeal
Discord name & number (Example Brent McOlowski#2996 ) :SketchyPug#5609

Steam ID or link to profile (Required or appeal will be instantly denied) STEAM_1:0:193051149

Server you are appealing for? : PRP semi serious

Estimated date ban was issued :8/7/18

Reason for ban (Reason it states on ban screen) :NITRP

Explain the ban in your words (Use detail or you will be denied) : Me and 2 people for a total of three people were on the server close to 7 or 8 in the morning (est). I had been making guns and basing with one of the two other players. We started to get bored and started to mess around with guns, which eventually, included the third player; so we started shooting at each other for fun and we had been in a discord call, so each of us had been fine with it. We messed around with guns for 5-10 minutes which did involve us killing each other, but there was no RP going on since it was us 3, so no one was being harmed by us RP wise. Then one player flung his car which started some prop minge, of which I was not participating in except for when I grabbed the said players car so I would not be killed by it, and holding up a prop so I would not be killed by the other players prop. After the server started to populate, we stopped, and started to RP again since there were now cops, and others to be able to interact with. So in total, our "antics" only lasted 10 - 15 minutes.

I understand what I did was wrong, and under normal circumstances, say, in the middle of the day with 30-45 people on, I would have fully deserved a week ban. Though, in this situation, it had been very early with no one but us 3 on the server, and we were simply messing around with guns which escalated, but only for a few minutes. I could understand if I received a day or two as a ban even though we weren't harming the RP of the server; But a week seems like a bit too much for 15 minutes of messing around when there wasn't anyone being harmed, RP wise, by our actions.

Ban length : 1 week

Who issued ban (If known) : Naughty Alan

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