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Cameron Gibbons Abuse
Their In-Game Name & Steam ID: Cameron Gibbons / STEAM_0:1:243576533

What Date and Time did this happen? 7/21/18 4:00 PM Central US time

Evidence {Required}  (Best I have is a screenshot of me arrested in the GM parking lot. Sadly didn't take a video recording.)

Do you have any additional information? Had like 15 people on Discord with him, and he wasn't deafened, so I had to listen to a bunch of people screaming all at once. I was fixing a cop car, he jumped onto the car, then another officer said "wait, let him finish" then when I did, I brought my physics gun out, nodded my head in approval. Then was tazed, put in handcuffs, then stored in some closet room inside the PD. No cell. And I wasn't given an arrest sign. I was arrested for at least an hour and a half, then I was put into the AFK area, and so I did /afk upon it happening, and was spawned at the GM, and was still in handcuffs. Asked several times both in /advert and /ooc to be let out, and no one came to help. Very unhappy with this experiance, and brought my respect down just a little bit.
Need more evidence then this...
what. whos mans is this? im not even In the ScreenShots.

 ~Cameron Gibbons

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