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Chello Ban Appeal
Discord name & number (Example Brent McOlowski#2996 ) : I don't have discord.

Steam ID or link to profile (Required or appeal will be instantly denied) : STEAM_0:1:206127431

Server you are appealing for? : PoliceRP [ Semi - Serious ]

Estimated date ban was issued : 4 days ago.

Reason for ban (Reason it states on ban screen) : NitRP

Explain the ban in your words (Use detail or you will be denied) : I was with a buddy in a Spydr Porshe and we driving the way to Suburbs. We stumped across two people at the road which we requested for them to move and we were driving at high speeds. On the other side there was a officer or some sort of cop on the road. I was lagging all day you can ask all of the people and I did contact my internet company asking for the reason of high ping. I have pictures of them working outside of the wifi line where its all connected. Previous to this there were big amounts of rain and thunder. I got banned anyway after running them over, Instead of getting warned on jailed I got 6 day banned. Completely took his own sit and refused to listen to anything I said. I have other people witnessing my lag for the past days and also my friend  that lives in my area was lagging aswell. I can call my internet company and have them verify if necessary over this type of ban. We would have to be in the same call or something where I could verify that this happend. Or I could also show my weather in the previous day and show that there was a storm. Just please consider unbanning me and giving me a chance because I didn't get warned or jailed just a straight ban which I find not professional.

Ban length : 6 Days

Who issued ban (If known) : Blue Pink
Ban appeal is being reviewed.
Police RP Director 

~Jeff Hudson


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