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Bill Holmes Transfer ap
Real Name (optional) : ….

Rp Name : Bill Holmes and Alex Riversand

Discord Name & Numbers : Reagan Slade#1184 

Steam ID or Link to Steam Profile:

Server you are currently admin on? : Prp

What server are you transferring to? : Twd

why should we accept this transfer? : The Twd Staff team need a lot of help there is a Handful of admin and half of them are in active. I have staff Exp and Feel that I would be a good fit for the staff meet

Issues with the server you are transferring from? : Minge fest

What can we fix about know issues? : go back to were you have to be whitelisted for CIv and etc to stop minges

Accepted! Contact an Admin Manager + on Discord for an interview!
 - Current Event Manager and Admin of PRP

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