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Jeff Hudson Admin Abuse
Their In-Game Name & Steam ID: Jeff Hudson STEAM_0:0:101254413

What Date and Time did this happen? 7/5/18 2:10 pm est

What Server Did This Happen On? PRP #1

Evidence {Required}

Do you have any additional information? I got arrested for murder and a thief named Kevin Smith started to raid the P.D. as I was in the doorway of the inner parking garage. He shot and killed me when I was in the doorway being dragged to the cells. Then Kevin Smith died and I respawned. When I spawned back in I was teleported back by Jeff Hudson and recuffed and put in jail even though I died because of a theif raiding the pd. The theif said when Jeff Hudson brought him to a sit he said "that you can't raid the pd just to kill your friend to get out of jail". If we were friends that would be failRP how would he know that we are friends.
It would be metagaming if he claimed you two were friends in rp. Although you may think that, it isn’t against the rules because it turned into an admin sit. He could’ve punished your friend when he killed you because that’s failrp


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