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Mav's Abuse
Their In-Game Name & Steam ID:Mav Pink STEAM_1:0:-1951461188

What Date and Time did this happen?July 5th and 4th

What Server Did This Happen On?Semi serious prp

Evidence {Required} multiple admins such as porter,and mcpualabuala

Do you have any additional information? my friend Chello was jailed and banned then i spoked to a SA and he was also gimped then i was mass rdm'd fail rp'f and aslot more rules were broken i would like to be reduced to atleast a few days (2-3).
The situation with chello was dealt with but I was there for the gimping and it was justified as he was spamming ooc saying abuse and spamming admin chat. Gimping stops them from talking and typing. He was also ungumped whenever his punishment was over

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