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Groovus admin abuse
Their In-Game Name & Steam ID: Groovus on duty/

What Date and Time did this happen? june 13 2018 around 8:40 or so, also occasions in the past 

What Server Did This Happen On? national task force walking dead roleplay 

Evidence {Required} there have been multiple times where he has rdm'd me and harassed me for no reason a few times he harassed me about my youtube channel flunkedgamer0 and said "what are you gonna do? write a response video with your 33 subscribers?" I found that very hurtful and offensive to all the hard work that I had put into the channel. he has further harassed me about my social group L.I.G.M.A, I would like immediate action taken as I find this events very offensive and rude.

Do you have any additional information? none

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