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Groovus admin abuse
Their In-Game Name & Steam ID: Groovus on duty/

What Date and Time did this happen? june 13 2018 around 8:40 or so, also occasions in the past 

What Server Did This Happen On? national task force walking dead roleplay 

Evidence {Required} there have been multiple times where he has rdm'd me and harassed me for no reason a few times he harassed me about my youtube channel flunkedgamer0 and said "what are you gonna do? write a response video with your 33 subscribers?" I found that very hurtful and offensive to all the hard work that I had put into the channel. he has further harassed me about my social group L.I.G.M.A, I would like immediate action taken as I find this events very offensive and rude.

Do you have any additional information? none
Unfortunately without any solid evidence I cannot do anything about it. If this admin does this again, please make another appeal and try to get evidence. But changing your name to "fuck groovus" and "free my nigga jeff" after he got banned is immature, on top of that spamming the server is also that. Like I said, if you have any furthur complaints about this admin try to get some evidence and make another appeal.
The Walking Dead HOS
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