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Jake's Staff Application
Real Name (Optional) : N/A

RP Name : Jake Thompson

Discord Name & Number (Example: Brent McOlowski#2996 ) : @Jake133 #1847

Steam ID Or Link To Steam Profile! ( This is required and if not added will be denied application!) STEAM_1:1:150671687

Age : 14

What server are you applying for? :  TWD

Past Experiences : Admin on TWD, Admin on Miltary Rp and Admin on Police RP.

Why should we hire you? : I believe you should Hire me because I have experience in staffing large servers, I an not biased and I always make fair decisions, My Timezone allows me to get on at time some staff cannot, I can be on a lot when I get home from school, weekends, and my time off, I can be on duty most of the time. I do not break rules, I am dedicated to my job and put all my effort into it. Although I am new I have experience in staffing large servers and I don't Minge, break rules etc. I also am a pleasant person to work with I tend to get along with others and I am easy to work with. that's why I think I should be staff.

Past issues with admins on our server? : A few in the past, Cannot remember their names.

Issues that came to you while applying? A.K.A what should we fix? : N/A
You have been accepted!! Contact Olivier Lupien#5802 or BradySoCool#7919 on Discord for interview!
 ~ Brady Ganderson

Retired Director of TWD

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