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AndiniTheGreat's Ban Appeal
Discord name & number (Example Brent McOlowski#2996 ) : AndiniTheGreat#8637

Steam ID or link to profile (Required or appeal will be instantly denied)

Server you are appealing for? : PoliceRP NTF

Estimated date ban was issued : 6/12/2018

Reason for ban (Reason it states on ban screen) : FAIL RP

Explain the ban in your words (Use detail or you will be denied) : So, there was a police meeting going on, and an admin hears us outside of the police building, as he goes out, he removes my car and rightfully so because I was honking my horn which I guess was messing with the meeting. Anyways, my friend comes to pick me up and someone recklessly runs into us in a red car. I get out with my HK and ask them what they are doing and I do not receive a good reply. They obviously were speeding and did not care, so I asked them to get out of the vehicle, and with that they tried to drive away and of course I shot at them. The admin, after hearing me honk my horn earlier, probably thought I was just trying to minge, and without question bans me. I did not shoot these people without reason, I told them to hop out, they tried to drive away, I shoot, and boom, I am instantly banned.

Ban length : 7 hours and 59 minutes

Who issued ban (If known) : Bason Taylor Owner
~ AndiniTheGreat
that "admin" is bason. The owner. Any ban he places probably wont get reduced/removed, as there is nobody higher than him.

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