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Joe Bartlett's Staff App prp
Real Name (Optional) : Joe Bartlett

RP Name :Joe Bartlett

Discord Name & Number (Example: Brent McOlowski#2996 ) : [color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.7)]Joebro432#2232[/color]

Steam ID Or Link To Steam Profile! ( This is required and if not added will be denied application!) ::STEAM_0:1:196868124

Age :14

What server are you applying for? : PRP 

Past Experiences :yes. gaminglight. crix rp. raid networks.

Why should we hire you? :  The reasons why you should hire me are because I want to help lessen the mingyness  and fail rp that happens on this server and in the community. I don't believe that there are enough admins on during the day becuase usually I see One or none. if im hired i will bring joy, fun, seriousniss, and a good time to the staff/community.when and if im hired i will be one of the best admins. i can bring a lot of excperience to your community. such as helping other staff (lower or higher) helping people figure things out and also enforcing the rules.

Past issues with admins on our server?:    yes. with the old HOS chis. he had denied my staff applications because of inside RP issues.

Issues that came to you while applying? A.K.A what should we fix? :es. the email with varification of my account was in my spam.
Please See a Admin Trainer in game
{PRP Admin Manager}

~President, Dipper/Jackson Slade  Smile
Overruled! Application denied! Applicant has multiple times of history when breaking rules, being banned, and being mingy. Applicant is not fit for staff team!
Police RP Director 

~Jeff Hudson


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