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Reapers SerPoliceRP Application
RP Name : William Buttliquer
Discord Name & Number (Example: Brent McOlowski#2996 ) : Reaper#9617
Steam ID Or Link To Steam Profile! ( This is required and if not added will be denied application!) : STEAM_1:1:129971182
What department are you applying for? (PD, Medical, Fire, Civilian) : I am applying for Civilian.
Age :
Do you have a mic? : Yes I do have a mic.
Experience with RP servers? : I don't have much experience with RP but I do play on the NTF TWDRP, and PRP. But I am willing to RP even though I don't have much experience.
How are you able to apply yourself to the RP : I would apply myself into the RP by racing and giving the cops something to do.
Are you currently a user/staff with our current servers? : I am a AIT on TWDRP.
Why should we white-list you for our server? : I have been in the community for just about a year now and have been on every server. also I will respect the rules and if I break one I will face the consequences. I am a nice person and am able to RP in any situation.  
Please write a small paragraph explaining your character (Must answer this question in character):
My name is William Buttliquer I was born and raised in America. I love to race as long as I know they will be a challenge. I love messing with the cops in any way possible. Sometimes I go for a drive and end up n a lot of trouble and run from the law. I am loyal to my friends but if they get caught there on there own. I plain on getting a Dodge challenger and racing it to the end.
Denied!  If you have any complaints contact my Higher ups on discord @  || Thank you and Have a nice day!
contact me on Discord @ NobleTeamReborn™#5644

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