Server Rules

If the rule is not in the list, it’s not a rule. Loopholes are punishable.



General Rules:

Follow our general server rules and ALWAYS use common sense.

Golden Rule: Always use common sense and don’t be a minge.

  • Prop abusing and/or prop minging (prop surfing, prop killing, prop climbing, prop blocking, etc) is not allowed.

  • No-colliding and/or placing cameras/props into another player’s base is not allowed.

  • Do not advertise other servers and/or communities.

  • Use of racial slurs/discriminatory behaviour is NOT allowed in Out of Character Chat (OOC).

  • Spamming in any form is not allowed.

  • Impersonation of any kind is not allowed.

  • Staff members have final say on all rule interpretations whether explicitly stated or not. If you feel a staff member is abusing his/her powers, report it to higher-ups, or you can report said staff member by creating an Administrative Report on the forums.

  • Use common sense when setting prices for items, staff members have the final say on whether or not an item is too expensive.

  • Encouraging others to break/violate any rules will result in greater punishment.

  • Spawn is defined as behind the yellow barriers, all the way into the car dealership building, this does not include the parking lot. Spawn is a Non-RP zone. However, if RP is initiated outside of spawn (getting chased by police, or hitman, etc.) and a person runs into spawn, the RP situation may continue.

  • When holding someone hostage you may only charge a maximum of 50k for ransom and there is a 30 minute timer before you can take another hostage.

  • You must have a valid roleplay reason to release prisoners. (Ex: To bail them.) Max Bail is $10,000

  • Car minging will result in your vehicle being removed no questions asked, and/or a warn.

  • Being corrupt as an officer is allowed as long as it is realistic

    • Ex: Taking money out of printers before destroying them, accepting bribes to turn a blind eye
    • Example of non-realistic corruption: Anything that encourages someone to break server rules.
  • Mayor must have a legitimate RP reason to initiate a Lockdown.

  • RDA is allowed and is considered an RP scenario, not an admin situation. (see RDA rules)

  • Non-Government-Officials are arrest on sight past the bank front counter.

  • Civilians are arrest on sight if they are in any other parts of the city bank other than the lobby. (Bank tellers and guards are exempt).

  • Scamming is not allowed.

  • Scamming is defined by breaking a verbal or written agreement between players.

    • An act of scamming is: if you are a merchant and someone pays you for a shipment and you do not supply said shipment and then proceed to keep their money, it would be considered scamming.
  • /Advert Rules

  • /advert is used for RP reasons only. (such as, advertising your gunshop, or you have someone as hostage, etc)

  • /advert is considered as Global In-Character (Global IC).

  • Use /911 To call the Cops

  • Making false 911 calls makes you AOS

The following rules, if broken, will often lead to a permanent ban or generally, a harsh punishment:

  • Any intent to harm and/or threaten other players in the community.
  • Knowingly exploiting unintentional game mechanics and/or hiding their existence.
  • Evading punishments or assisting others with evading punishments.
  • Bending of the rules and/or attempting to find and/or abuse loopholes within the rules.
  • Purposely targeting players in order to ruin their Roleplay experience is not allowed (Mugging same person repeatedly, etc).
  • Negatively affecting the roleplay experience of a player is a bannable (Minging, trolling players to the point of where they leave).
  • Accepting repetitive hits on the same person (You can only accept a hit on the same person every 30 minutes).
  • Excessive use of racial slurs and/or harassing messages (this applies to all text channels such as: ooc, advert, pm, 911, etc) and voice chat as well. It is up to Staff interpretation to decide whether or not something is considered excessive.
  • Selling your Job is not allowed under any circumstances. If caught, a harsh punishment will be given. You are supposed to take a job and play it instead of searching for quick revenue.
  • Spawning in Props or Entities in the sitting room or admin jail is bannable.

NOTE: Common sense acts as a blanket for all the rules.

Roleplay Rules:

When raiding, you must follow these rules:

[*]If it is apparent that no valuables are in a base, you cannot raid the base.

[*]Raids must be initiated outside of a bases schematic.

[*]You cannot steal items which are critical for someone to fulfil their job, they may be destroyed however.

  • These items include meth equipment, tow trucks, etc.
  • These items don’t include Money printers.
  • Once the raid is over you must leave the base, you cannot raid the same base until 30-minutes have passed.
  • When you die while defending your base, you cannot comeback before the raiders leave.
  • Raids can only last up to 10 minutes, once a raid has reached this time limit, it is over and the raider(s) must leave.
  • Megabase raids can last up to 30 minutes, once a raid has reached the time limit, it is over and the raider(s) must leave.
  • Hitmen are allowed to raid, however, only to kill their intended target.
  • When Hitmen are raiding, they cannot steal, touch or destroy any property or allow others to.
  • You may raid the PD, or do a PD take over in an attempt to kill the Mayor, or to break out a member of your organization. You’re not allowed to follow and kill government officials. You must stay inside or in front of the doors at PD.
  • The PD may only be raided/taken over once every 40 minutes.
  • There must be 10+ Government Officials online to PD Raid.
  • You cannot block cameras with props while raiding.
  • If you raid a store and purchase items and leave them on the ground and die before you can open your package, the owner(s) of the base may keep them inside and sell them back to the player or keep them.
  • When a person in a clan/gang raids a base that clan/gang cannot raid that same base for 30 minutes.

Counter Raiding Rules:

  • A counter raid is a raid on a base that is already being raided by others. During a counter raid you must follow all of the raiding rules. Counter raiding just to kill the player(s) who initiated the first raid is considered RDM for each person you kill.
  • When Counter Raiding you must make every attempt to steal/destroy all of the raidables.

When mugging, you must follow these rules:

  • Max Mug: $25,000
  • You must give the victim 10 seconds to respond
  • You may kill them if they try to shoot you, run away, or do not comply with your demands AFTER 10 seconds
  • You must advert (mug) before mugging someone
  • You may not mug more than 1 person every 5 minutes
  • Government officials cannot be mugged
  • You cannot mug the same person within 20 minutes

When kidnapping, you must follow these rules:

  • You may charge a ransom for a victim’s release
  • Max Ransom: $50,000
  • You may only hold someone for up to 15-minutes
  • If it reaches the max kidnap time, and no one has paid ransom, you must let them go
  • Maximum of 3 hostages!!!

When stealing items, you must follow these rules:

  • You may only steal items that are NOT in spawn
  • Players caught stealing in spawn will be punished accordingly
  • You may not steal from someone who is noticeably AFK.

Clan rules:

  • Clans cannot ally with other clans. This includes any forms of non-aggression pacts.
  • Clans must not create a harmful environment for other players.
  • Group raids can last up to 10 minutes on a base and 30 minutes on a mega base and must have a cooldown of 20 minutes.
  • If one member of your clan raids someone, the entire clan must wait for the cooldown.
  • Clans may not use hostile tactics to recruit new members, like targeting someone till they join the clan to avoid being targeted.
  • Clans must have their initials in their name and may not change names to circumvent other rules.
  • No clans in Government.
  • Any clans suspected of breaking any of these rules will be examined and fully reviewed by the Head Admin team.
  • In order to KOS a police officer arresting someone, you MUST be in the same clan, or currently basing together(names on doors)
  • Clans cannot defend multiple bases
  • No impersonation of other clans whatsoever.
  • No Target | Hit-list on any Person(s) / Clans

Roleplay Guidelines:

Do not RDM (random deathmatch).

  • Before killing someone, you must have a reasonable reason:
  • EX: An officer is walking around town and he sees a thief with a gun out, he approaches the thief and shoots him on sight without any attempt to arrest, this is a case of RDM.
  • You may not kill someone for following you.
  • Using Entities to kill players with a vehicle is still considered RDM.

RDA (random arrest)

  • RDA is allowed under certain circumstances. Example: Someone arrests you for having firearms when you have a licence, that is allowed, but you need to deal with it in the RP scenario. Another example would be a cop randomly handcuffing
  • you for no reason whatsoever and not explaining why you’re arrested, what’s happening, etc. That is one situation where it is not allowed.

RP crashes

  • Crashing your vehicle severely will result in you having to stop and RP your crash.
  • Police don’t always have to RP crashes due to their vehicles having ram bars.
  • If you crash a vehicle, you must call a tow truck. (if one is available on the server)

New Life Rule (NLR)

  • NLR means once you die you cannot return nor interact with anything or anyone from that situation.
  • An example of breaking NLR would be to get killed during a raid and returning to that same area.
  • This also includes any form of revenge killing, warranting, arresting, wanting and or demoting.
  • The NLR rule applies for a total of 3 minutes.
  • The NLR rule applies for a total of 5 minutes when defending against a raid.
  • The NLR rule applies to Government Officials for a total of 1 minute in the main city

Initiation Rules

  • You must have a reason to commit an act of aggression towards another player.
  • The action you commit, when initiating a gunfight, must represent a reasonable action that would be taken by a person in real life. (Initiation)
  • The scenarios below explain the exceptions of when you do not need to initiate. In all other situations, YOU HAVE TO INITIATE VERBALLY.
  • The following situations are EXCEPTIONS to the initiation rule:
  • Any sort of physical assault on you, any physical damage towards property owned by you, or a friend, is considered initiation. (This does not include someone crashing into your vehicle. If someone crashes into you, you are required to initiate.)
  • Verbal abuse, unless escalated, is not initiation. However, if you repeatedly tell them to stop and give them fair warning, that is considered initiation.
  • Self defense does not require initiation. Self defense is defined as harm to yourself or your interests.
  • In order for someone to be considered your “friend”, you must display your affiliation in your name. (I.E. gang tags or family names.)

Props and Building Rules:

General Building Rules:

  • You may only base in 1 structure
  • There are only 1-4 people allowed per base which isn’t a megabase.
  • In order to defend/base in a base, your name must be on the front door
  • You may have a maximum of 4 fading doors per base
  • Fading windows do not apply to the maximum count of fading doors.
  • You may NOT no-collide one ways to give you an advantage in shooting (ex: Walking through one ways to shoot and go back)
  • Any use of one way props that loopholes the view only rule is NOT allowed.
  • World Glow/glow color effect is NOT allowed at all
  • You may Honeycomb a door that is not the main entrance, but it can not be double stacked and the player has to be able to stand inside of it.
  • Forcing someone to jump or crouch in any way or is PROHIBITED
  • You may NOT stack props together to prevent/disallow blowtorching your base
  • One way props that allow players to see one way and not the other is allowed for shooting holes and viewing holes.
  • You may not combine one way props with any props that can be shot through as a part of your shooting holes.
  • Example: Having the storefront bars to see their legs and a fence as a shooting hole.
  • Skybasing is forbidden
  • Every fading door must have a corresponding button/keypad visible from and next to the door it operates
  • Maximum of 2 buttons OR keypads per fading door
  • No fake keypads
  • You are NOT allowed to attempt to hide or conceal any keypads or buttons
  • Keypads must have a hold length of 5 seconds for fading doors
  • Keypads may not have initial delay
  • Keypads that are only reachable by Crouching are not allowed *
  • No floating bases
  • All bases must be supported from the ground to the bottom of the base and attached to a building that is grounded.
  • You may only build in your base
  • When purchasing the entirety of a hotel/apartment, you must own all the doors, and have entities in that building.
  • Fading-door abuse is prohibited
  • Abusing the use of your fading door bind to open and close a fading door during a raid, or in an RP situation.
  • You are not allowed to build during an active raid on your base, you must wait for the raid to be called over.
  • You may not build in a connecting tunnel that allows players to move from area to area.
  • ONLY bankers may build inside the bank area.
  • All bases are allowed as long as they are supported by a pre-existing building or a large structural support prop.
  • All signs must be completely attached to a building (no free-floating signs or text screens.)
  • Creating a prop base in public (outside a property, street, sidewalk) is not allowed (If you are a hobo read the Hobo Job rules Below)
  • If all doors of a base are unowned but there is an obvious base built with printers you cannot ask for the base to be removed and for you to take over it.
  • No invisible Props at all.*
  • All merchants are not allowed to build in public, this would include putting shelves outside
  • You may not block of any NPC’s. (mining ores and meth drop-offs are considered NPCs)
  • You’re allowed to make cosmetic changes to your building outside of your structure as an attraction to merchant bases.
  • Merchants can have small shacks (Up to 1 shelf) on the sidewalk.
  • Sheriff/Swat Chief can build checkpoints leaving city and at PD. Sheriff/Swat Chief/President are the only ones allowed to build on the second floor in PD and not on the main floor
  • You may not have a base design that conceals or steals purchased items.

Megabase rules:

  • Inherits all rules from General base rules with exceptions as listed below.
  • Must have a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 8 active players to create the base.
  • Maximum of 4 fading doors at the entrance, and 1 per additional building/base inside the megabase
  • Maximum of 4 keypads at main entrance, then 1 keypad per additional building/base inside the megabase
  • You must own all doors within the sector to section off an area
  • Merchants cannot set up shop inside the confines of the megabase.

Blacklisted bases:

  • Blackout bases
  • Bases that are seamless, and no sense of direction
  • Hit-box abusing
  • Bases designed to exploit the hitbox system to gain an advantage over players
  • Obstacle bases
  • Bases that require you to jump/crouch
  • Mazes
  • Drop / pit bases
  • Bases designed to trap players upon attempting to raid
  • Killboxes
  • Bases designed where you can shoot them, and they can’t shoot back.

Textscreen rules:

  • Placing a text screen on a building you don’t own or in public is considered vandalism and makes you AOS.
  • Players that are building may place a “building/under construction” sign, disallowing other players from their base, however, please note:
  • To have this sign, you must not have any sort of items and/or entities within your base such as shipments, printers, drugs, weapons, etc.
  • Typical base rules firmly apply when the base has valuables.
  • You must be actively building a base and once you are finished, you must remove the building sign.
  • Text screens must be a minimum size of 25
  • You are not allowed to blend your text screen into the background of the building. Do not change the opacity of the text screen either.
  • No spamming of racist or discriminatory terms or slurs.
  • Textscreens Must be on a wall or something realistic that can hold it
  • Floating signs are not allowed.
  • When putting a KOS sign you must be specific and may not put “KOS if needed, KOS for anything and etc”
  • You are not allowed to have a building sign with a KOS sign

Misc. Rules:

Note: Merchants cannot Raid or Mug!

Gun Dealer/Black Market Dealer/vape salesman/music salesman

  • You must own a shop or base
  • You are allowed to base with other criminals but you must have an accessible way for people to buy items
  • You must own the donator tier in order to sell the items of that donator tier
  • You are not allowed to self supply, you may only arm yourself to protect yourself and your shop [Applies for All Merchant Rules]
  • You’re allowed to make cosmetic changes to your building outside of your structure as an attraction to your base.
  • Merchants can have small shacks on the sidewalk.
  • You cannot sell drugs out in the open for everyone to see, you must away from public or open zones.
  • You may not scam customers
  • You may not kidnap customers
  • Selling of blacklisted weapons/weapons (i.e- LMG’s explosives, or any weapons that aren’t available by conventional means) is forbidden

Fear RP Rules:

  • You MUST fear for your life at all times
  • You must surrender when held at gun-point, If you run while at gun-point it’s fail RP.
  • Breaking Fear RP is a warn.
  • Even if a gun is not directly on you, you still fall under fear RP.
  • If the gunman turns away from you, you may run.
  • You may not use/take out any weapons/items while under fear RP/at gunpoint.

Bloods, Crips, Outfit, Cult, Rules:

  • Gang wars may only occur every hour, by gang leaders ONLY.
  • Gangs are not KOS to other gangs unless in a gang war.
  • Cultists may make a church and sacrifice a singular person every half an hour.
  • Gang members may NOT cause mass shootings in public.
  • Gangs may not affiliate nor truce with other gangs nor non gang members. (civs, cops, etc.)
  • A gang war may only consist of 2 different gangs and may last only 10 minutes.
  • Abuse of any gang related job will result in a permanent blacklist of said job.

Animal Rules:

  • Animals may not drive vehicles
  • Animals may not use any weapons they don’t spawn with, including- guns, tools etc.
  • Animals may not commit major crimes, nor assist in raids.
  • Animals are KOS, upon someone adverting (Hunting Season)
  • You may not be arrested as an animal, However, if you are caught somehow committing some sort of crime, you may be euthanized (killed)
  • Abuse of animal jobs will result in a blacklist of said job.
  • Animals may not be taken hostage, or mugged, you can be sacrificed by the cult however.